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"Everything with Sugar and Cream" The Folk Music Festival in Siglufjordur 10 year Anniversary July 1-5 2009 Concerts, Workshops and

Folk Music Festival 2009

"Everything with Sugar and Cream"
The Folk Music Festival in Siglufjordur 10 year Anniversary
July 1-5 2009

Concerts, Workshops and Lectures


Wednesday July 1
8 pm at the church
    Ró (Calm) - The band Mógil performes Icelandic folksongs and makes them their own. Their newly released CD, Ró, was nominated as one of the best CDs released in Iceland in 2008. It was also nominated for the Icelandic Music Award. The musicians of Mógil are: Heiða Árnadóttir, voice; Hilmar Jensson, guitar; Guðni Franzson, clarinet; Ananta Roosesn, violin

9:30 pm at the Herring Museum
    Þegar íshjartað slær (When the Ice-heart Beats): Double bass player and composer Tómas R. Einarsson celebrates 30 years of double bass playing. At the concert he performes his own music with the help of his friends, Ómar Guðjónsson guitarist, and Samúel J. Samúelsson trombonist and percussionist.

Thursday July 2

8 pm at the church
    Songs by Ingi T. Lárusson: Berþór Pálsson, baritone, Bragi Bergþórsson, tenor, and Þóra Fríða Sæmundsdóttir, pianist, perform songs by the Icelandic Schubert Ingi T. Lárusson.

9:30 pm at the Herring Museum 

   Blómstur við ysta haf - Rósin okkar
The band performs Irish, Norwegian, and Icelandic folk songs. Rósa Jóhannesdóttir violin and voice, Sólveig Thoroddsen Irish harp and voice, Skarphéðinn Haraldsson guitar and voice, Ari Agnarsson accordion and guitar, Kristján Kristmannsson guitar and voice.  

11 pm at Allinn
    Songs from Napoli: Delizie Italiane are Leone Tinganelli guitarist and singer, Jón Elvar Hafsteinsson guitarist, and Jón Rafnsson bass player.  They perform folk songs from the Italian town of Napoli.

Friday July 3

8 pm at the church 
    Allt með sykri og rjóma (Everything with Sugar and Cream): Bryndís Halla Gylfadóttir, cellist, and Steinunn Birna Ragnarsdóttir, pianist, are among the best know Icelandic classical musicians. They have released CDs, and performed at concerts locally as well as internationally, by themselves or with other musicians. At this concert they will perform music by Icelandic composers.
9:30 pm at the Herring Museum
    Mechior: The band Melchior was very popular in the 1980, and produced records and gave many concerts. They appear now at the 2009 Folk Music Festival, after a 30-year hiatus, with new and old material.

11 pm at Allinn
    The Music of Jón Múli and Jenni Jóns: The Jazz-trio of Andrés Þór Gunnlaugsson plays a mixture of Icelandic folksongs and popular Icelandic songs by Jón Múli, Jenni Jóns and other much admired Icelandic singer-songwriters. The musicians of the Jazz trio are, Andrés Þór Gunnlaugsson, guitarist, Valdimar K. Sigurjónsson, double bass player, and Einar Scheving percussionist.

Saturday July 4

2 pm at the Herring Museum
    Ekki er öll vitleysan eins (Not All Folly is Alike) - The band Ljótu Hálfvitarnir (Ugly Imbeciles) plays both Icelandic folk music and original music in folk style. Their lyrics are unusual and original, and their use of atypical instruments gives their sound an exotic flair. Their music shows an affinity for Irish folk music and also a particular fondness of the Icelandic rímur chant melodies.

5 pm at the church
    This is a concert held in honor of Steindór Andersen, the revered chanter and teacher of Icelandic rímur. Steindór is joined by Iceland's most loved kvæðamenn (chanters of Icelandic rímur), as well as musicians that he has collaborated with in the past. Among those are Páll Guðmundsson from Húsafell and Sigur Rós.  Together, this group of amazing artists will perform Hrafnagaldur (Raven witchcraft) for stone-marimba and acoustic instruments, and chant Icelandic rímur.

8:30 pm at Allinn
    Harvest celebration: Students of the Academy and workshops demonstrate what they have learned by performing, singing and dancing, after which everyone is invited join in the dance.

Sunday July 5

2 pm at the church
    The Youth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gunnsteinn Ólafsson. Soloist is Merlkorka Ólafsdóttir, flautist.
Concert program:
Hector Berlioz: Roman Carnival
Carl Reinecke: Flute Concert in D-major
Franz Schubert: The Unfinihed Symphony in B-minor


The workshops are held July 2-3,  either full or half day.

Icelandic Children’s Rhymes - Sigríður Pálmadóttir and Ása Ketilsdóttir
Epic Rhyme Chanting - Bára Grímsdóttir
Bulgarian Dances - Veska Andrea Jónsdóttir
Investigating Roots: Reinterpreting our Ancestors - Eyrún Ingadóttir
Troubadour Workshop - Svavar Knútur Kristinsson
Icelandic Wrestling - Oddbjörn Magnússon
Making Chainjewelry - Ásdís Birgisdóttir and Margrét Linda Gunnlaugsdóttir
Embroidery - Guðrún Erla Geirsdóttir (Gerla)
Flókagerð - Margrét Steingrímsdóttir
Viking Workshop for children - Úlfar Daníelsson
Stomp Workshop for teenagers - Jón Geir Jóhannsson


Thursday July 2, 1 pm at the church loft
    Cuban Traditional Music: Tómas R. Einarsson

Friday July 3, 1 pm at the church loft
    The history of the Troubadour: Svavar Knútur Kristinsson

Saturday July 4, 10 am at the church loft
    Bulgarian dances: Veska Andrea Jónsdóttir

Art Exhibitions

Hanneriina Moisseinen (b. 1978, Joensuu, Finland) is a visual artist, who works with drawing, installation, sculptures, comics, painting and environmental art, but also with sounds and spaces. She feels that all creation comes from the same source, which makes it possible to paint music, or to sing a story. There is, in fact no barrier between the different languages of art.

At the Folk Music Festival Hanneriina Moisseinen will work as a festival artist, painting and drawing portraits of musicians and guests of the Festival. The pictures will be put on display in the Gránuloft of the Herring Museum. Each day the artist will be drawing more pictures which will be added to the display; thus, the exhibition will change from day to day, and not be complete until after the final concert of the Festival.

For more information, see the artist´s website at

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